Hella Maintenance & Tips


Before operating the Venetian blind make sure, that the blind is freely movable.

Be careful: If the Venetian blind encounters resistance during the lowering process (e.g. an forgotten object on the window sill), the blind can be damaged or the lift tape or the pull cord can wind crookedly. If the blind is blocked during the lift-up process, the lift tapes (pull cords) can tear or the drive can be destroyed!

Venetian blinds with cord operation Avoid tearing at the blind or letting the blind drop in an uncontrolled fashion.

The lift-up mechanism partly consists of textile elements which can feature both manufacturing tolerances and tolerances in use. This can cause a slightly inclined position of the blind.

Venetian blinds with crank handle drive

Fold the crank handle only into the specified direction.

Operate the Venetian blind steadily, avoid using force.

Do not try to turn further, when the limit stop is reached; the limit stops protect your Venetian blind.

Venetian blinds with electric drive

A reminder: The blind must run freely. Especially if it is operated by an automatic device.

Attention: The thermal cut-off switch could respond if the blind is operated a number of times in succession; the motor stops. Wait a few minutes, the switch releases operation when the motor has cooled down sufficiently. If a fault occurs during a thunderstorm (indirect lightening strike), function can be restored by switching the circuit breaker (fuse) off and then on.

Cleaning and care

From a technical point of view your Venetian blind is maintenance-free.

To clean the unit wash down the coated parts (slats, guide rails, top boards and the plastic parts) with hand-hot water and a neutral cleansing agent.

Please note: Do not use solvent and alcohol (methylated spirits)! Do not use abrasive cleaning agents.

Additional tips

Do not subject the blind to moisture for extended periods of time. Aggressive condensation from plaster or coating materials may cause damage through corrosion. Please ventilate regularly and wipe off condensed water from the inside lying metal parts! Please clean the slats immediately with a damp cloth, if drops of colour drop on the slats during paintwork! A Venetian blind is a protection against the sun and suitable to only a limited extent as sight screen. If you feel, that someone can look into the inside through the slantly positioned slats: Tilt the slats towards the inside, and your privacy is protected effectively against prying eyes. . .

Attention! A closed vertical blind does not protect children from falling out of the window!

Inappropriate loads affect the function and safety of your vertical blind. The guarantee is no longer valid in case of incorrect operation and improper use!